Chinese Language Reading Resources

The resources below are somewhat similar to the structured reading such as is done in classes, and is meant to be used in academic contexts. Many linguists believe that reading skills are best developed using a combination of this type academic research but also by reading for pleasure and about topics that one is interested in or familiar with in their native language. For some this might be an entertainment blog, for me it is My personal experience is that pleasure reading really helps in development, but the academic and formal stuff is just as important, so here are my recommendations for that:

Chinese Reading World (University of Iowa)–The texts here are separated into beginner, intermediate, and advanced texts, grouped into different units of similar topics. The questions that go along with the text are good, but I don’t like the proficiency score it shoots out at the end of each lesson. At least for me, this put the focus on the time required and the score rather than the comprehension of the passages. I recommend downloading the NJ Star Chinese word processor for these to avoid falling into the same trap. Listening activities are also available.

Chinese Reading World (University of Virginia)–Similar collection from the University of Virginia. Seems technologically behind the Iowa one above, and the readings stop at Intermediate. Con’s aside, these seem like good readings to take a look at, probably can reinforce many previously studied vocabulary words and structures.  Listening is also available. (note all traditional characters)

US Defense Language Institute GLOSS— A resource used by the US military to train its linguists. Lessons are available for several languages and are divided by skill level.  There is some pre-teaching of vocabulary as well as comprehension check questions. Also available for listening.


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  1. […] This resource was also one of my favorites for reading practice.  […]

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