Fun things to do with your Chinese skills

Often times, you may feel like practicing language learning, but have neither the energy or the time to do so, or you just may need a break. A few things that I recommend for those times, that are still related to the language, or at least to China:–You can find interesting discussions here from time to time on topics ranging from education in China to other study materials.

China Smack — A good site that is primarily in English (translated internet pages and stories prominent on Chinese language sites) but has a neat pop-up annotator that displays the Chinese text on top of it. There is also the handy dandy glossary so that you can be in the know next time someone calls you 猥琐。

China Daily Show — An English language satirical page with stories related to China written in style similar to The Onion.

Hope you find these enjoyable. Let me know any other pages or blogs you all like that are related to China.


One comment

  1. I’m quite a fan of China Smack ~ it provides an interesting insight into random parts of China. Definitely need to check out China Daily Show that’s for sure.

    If you’re interested in trying out their translating skills, there’s this great project called the Marco Polo Project! It’s an online collaborative translating community ~ a great way to improve your Chinese!

    The website’s if you’re interested =]

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