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In the 2.5 years that I have been back in the US after being in Beijing, there have been times when I had lots of spare time and ample opportunities to study/practice Chinese, but more often I’ve found it difficult to fit it in. No surprises, I’ve found that when I devote time to practice, I’m better at the language, when I don’t there is obvious regression.

I decided to compile this list for 2 reasons:

1) Help folks that have been studying Chinese formally and are transitioning to self-study or moving home to have some resources to start with. There are plenty of other linguistic resources out there (some linked here) that have advice on how to study. I’ll add my thoughts/opinions as I see fit,, but am mostly hoping that this list can mostly provide suggestions on what to study, and students can save time by being aware of these resources.

2)  I also had my personal study in mind, by compiling this list I’ve been able to “clean out” and evaluate my personal resources.

Hope you enjoy and would love to get your feedback and comments. Thanks for visiting!


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