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Fun things to do with your Chinese skills

Often times, you may feel like practicing language learning, but have neither the energy or the time to do so, or you just may need a break. A few things that I recommend for those times, that are still related to the language, or at least to China:–You can find interesting discussions here from […]

Podcasts–Because Bruno Mars Sucks

45+ minutes each way in the car is quite a bit each day, and since I can only stand about 1 in 7 new songs out I decided that it would be worth my while to listen to Chinese language podcasts as much as practical while commuting. Football season has made Denver sports talk radio […]

Mandarin Listening Resources

After coming back to the United States from China, I always hoped that I would overhear some Chinese nationals and stun them by joining in the conversation. When I finally got the opportunity, I was showering in the locker room and what I overheard was: 这伙子身材不错。 Sadly, I was stunned (flattered?) and just thought it […]

Technology for Learning Chinese–PC

It would be great if my page could gain some traction because I’m sure that other Mandarin learners have an abundance of resources that they could share with me and everyone else. Though I can’t comment as to how, there is no doubt that technological improvements the last several decades have changed language learning processes. […]

Linguistic Resources (Grammar and Character Frequency Lists)

While some linguists will say that drilling down on and understanding grammar has more effect on language learning than others, there is no doubting that it is important on some level. The folks at All Set Learning have already done a great job compiling an outstanding grammar resource for Mandarin learners with the Chinese Grammar […]

Chinese Language–Self Testing and Assessment

There are plenty of resources out there that allow us as learners to check our progress and give us goals to work towards. I don’t know of any official credentials that can be earned through online testing, but I do recommend all of these: Character Recognition  Clavis Sinica Chinese Character Quiz–based off of characters and […]

Chinese Language Reading Resources

The resources below are somewhat similar to the structured reading such as is done in classes, and is meant to be used in academic contexts. Many linguists believe that reading skills are best developed using a combination of this type academic research but also by reading for pleasure and about topics that one is interested […]